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NIS Construction Drywalll and Painting, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured drywall and painting contractor servicing the Dallas, Texas Area, Dallas, County and Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We have been in business since 1994 offering premier drywall and painting services for commercial drywall, metal framing and TI work, residential, custom homes and remodels, insurance work, acoustic/popcorn removal and small patch jobs and texturing. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

- Custom Homes

- Remodels

- Patchwork

- Acoustic/Popcorn Removal

- Wallpaper Removal

- Commercial Metal Framing

- Hanging

- Taping / Texturing

- Painting


NIS Construction Inc. Drywall Division can provide a multitude of services for hanging, taping and finishing your custom home. We also specialize in sound proofing and theater rooms. Some of the styles we can help you achieve are:

  • Modern – The modern, clean look with no casing, aluminum trim packages and glass with level 5 smooth finish.
  • Craftsman Style – With wood trims or the no trim look of square or bullnose kerf corners into jams of doors and windows. Also, the medium old world finish fits very well with this style and can be modified to your taste to be lighter or heavier. Texture samples can be provided on the jobsite.
  • Victorian – Ceiling covings and large wood trim around windows can be done to help you achieve this look.


NIS Construction Inc. Drywall Division can provide masking and protection for cubicle areas, desks, computers and other office equipment. In traffic areas, we can also provide carpet protection film and plastic barriers with zippered doors as necessary. NIS Construction Inc. Drywall Division can change the layout of your office area, move doors, reframe walls or refinish with different textures.


NIS Construction Inc. Drywall Division can provide masking and plastic to protect your valuables, furniture and living areas and we use Heppa Filter vacuums to help with dust for sanding and clean up. We can help you with any drywall and painting remodel plans you have such as electrical patches, new kitchens and baths, skimming and refinishing areas to make your remodel look new. We specialize in matching new textures to your existing finish. We understand that working in your home is an inconvenience and we strive to minimize the impact to you and your family.



NIS Construction Inc. Drywall Division can provide interior repairs for cracks, holes, water damaged walls and ceilings, electrical patching, HVAC, windows, etc. We specialize in matching textures or reskimming and providing an upgraded finish. We can hang new drywall in these areas, tape and top with two coats of mud and texture to match your existing finish. Or we can top with three coats of mud, sand and touch up to match your smooth finish. On cracks and patch areas, water damaged and other problem areas, we would remove all the loose material, seal with primer if necessary, renail and screw if possible, apply adhesive and nylon mesh tape, mud areas with fast setting compound (hot mud), and/or regular topping compound, wet sand or dry sand as necessary and texture to match. We take the extra effort in making your patches blend in seamlessly.

Acoustic/Popcorn Removal


We provide non-asbestos acoustic removal in your commercial job or residential multi-family homes, town homes, or condominium projects. When removing popcorn ceilings, we provide extensive masking and tarping including a layer of 4mm plastic on the floor for protection. We also drape 1mm plastic from ceiling to floors to enclose the affected area. We then overlap 1mm plastic over floor and up walls to catch the acoustic debris when it is removed and then roll up the top layer so you are 99% clean before we start taping. We will then repair any damage, apply second coat of topping on all joints and nails and texture to match walls or provide new finish. We can also provide sealing and painting. A stain-locking sealer is necessary to prevent ceilings from bleeding through or staining.

Any acoustic ceilings that were built prior to 1978 need to be tested by a licensed laboratory to determine if they contain asbestos. Any ceilings that test positive for asbestos will need to be removed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.

Wallpaper Removal


We can steam or soak your old wallpaper with wallpaper remover to remove any old wallpaper. If needed, we can then prime and skim the area. We will then texture to match other walls in your project or refinish for a new look.Commercial Metal Framing


We provide metal framing in commercial tenant improvements, interior partition walls, soffits, hard ceilings framed with metal studs and suspended ceilings, demiser walls, fire rating corridors and associated fire walls, restaurants, retail framing and store fronts. We also provide commercial exterior framing.



We provide drywall hanging for commercial projects, stores, restaurants, TIs and light industrial projects. All our hanging is done with a variety of different screws depending on the specs of your job or different materials used. This insures a higher quality finish for your product. Stocking and clean up provided.


We provide drywall hanging for custom homes and remodels. We also hang patches for new framing, windows, doors, electrical, mechanical, etc. throughout remodel projects. All our hanging is done with screws. Nails are only used to tack up sheets on wood framing prior to screwing off and to attach metal corners and trim accessories. This insures a higher quality finish for your project.

Taping & Texturing


We can tape and seal all one hour fire walls and fire caulk. We embed all of our tape with WestPak Blue Dot. It has the best bonding in the industry with paper tape. We use Tape-on corners and all other Tape-on accessories for the start of a high quality finish that will last. We are experienced in providing high quality texture finishes, hand brush and spray textures. We also specialize in matching existing finishes. Below are some examples of finishes and textures we can provide:

  • Multiple levels of smooth finish
  • Level 5 smooth finish with WestPak Prep Coat or two skim coats to provide a high quality level 5 smooth finish
  • Old world plaster finish
  • Skip trowel finish with little sand for a finer finish high quality, with a consistent or random pattern
  • Spray finishes such as knock down, orange peel or splatter textures
  • Skip trowel
  • We can also provide other custom finishes for you upon request Texture samples can be provided to help you achieve just the look you are trying to achieve.
Drywall Textures Dallas Texas

Light splatter/orange peel spray texture.

Texture Walls Drywall Dallas Texas

Medium splatter/orange peel texture.

Drywall Texture in Dallas, Texas - Commercial Drywall

Light spray knock
down texture.

Texture drywall Dallas Texas - NIS Construction Dallas Texas

Medium spray knock down texture.

NIS Construction Drywall Construction Dallas Texas

Heavy spray knock
down texture.

NIS Construction Dallas Texas - Drywall Dallas Texas

Medium to light consistent skip trowel texture, no sand.

NIS Construction Dallas Texas - Commercial Construction - Commercial Drywall Dallas Texas

Heavy skip trowel texture, no sand.

Commercial Drywall Dallas Texas NIS Construction Dallas Texas

Light old world

Commercial Construction Drywall Dallas Texas Farmers Branch

Medium old world texture.

Commercial Drywall Construction Dallas Texas - NIS Construction

Heavy old world

NIS Construction Drywall Dallas installation types of drywall in Dallas, Texas

Swirl brush texture.

Commercial Drywall in Dallas Texas - NIS Construction in Dallas, Texas - NIS Commercial Drywall in Dallas Texas Install

Regular brush texture



Pacific Drywall can provide the painting for your building exteriors with weather proof coatings such as Elastameric and provide spray or rolled on finishes including exterior flat, enamel or solid stains. We can also provide scaffolding or scissor lifts as needed. We can provide the interior painting with enamels or flat finishes throughout your office areas and bathrooms.


Pacific Drywall can paint the interior or exterior of your home with a variety of finishes. We can also take care of the painting of your woodwork/casing and trim, base boards, crown molding and doors. If needed, we can provide caulking for these areas. For exteriors, we can pressure wash your home, scrape off and sand any loose paint, recaulk windows and doors, prime all wood surfaces as needed and repaint for a beautiful new finish.

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