Concrete Parking Lot Repair in Dallas, Texas with NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors.

Concrete is one of the most important construction materials used in a variety of site structures including parking lots, parking garages, walkways, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, parking bumpers, catch basins, and walls and ramps. NIS Construction Parking Lot Repair has over 21 years experience maintaining and repairing these structures.

Concrete Parking Lot Removal & Replacement

Concrete provides excellent performance throughout the service life of the structure when it is mixed properly and caution is taken during the curing process (NIS Construction Inc. & Parking Lot Repair recommends a curing process of at least 4-7 days). However, once the mix has been laid and dries, the aging process begins. Without ongoing maintenance, water may enter through cracks and holes may form, undermining the substrate. In this case, the most effective form of concrete repair is to remove and replace the deteriorated area.

Services performed include:

  • Sidewalks / Flatwork
  • Curbs (Installation & Repair)
  • Loading Docks
  • Interior Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Parking Bumper Installation

Concrete Repair Procedure: This process consists of several important steps to ensure that the repair is performed properly.

Preventative Maintenance

Crack Chasing: the process of cutting into cracks in concrete so they can be repaired with
an epoxy or other filling compound.

Joint / Expansion Caulking: the process of sealing cracks in concrete with durable
urethane caulk. This method keeps water out and protects the foundation and walks from
further cracking and eroding.

Grinding: this helps eliminate trip hazards by grinding down the high side of two joining
sections of concrete.

Concrete Stabilization (a.k.a. Mud Jacking): this process stabilizes a sunken concrete slab
by pumping a cement-based mixture through the concrete, effectively pushing it up from below.

Sealing: a sealer is applied to concrete to protect it from corrosion. The sealer blocks the pores in the concrete to reduce absorption of water and salts, and also forms an impermeable layer which prevents such materials from penetrating.
Power Washing: periodically cleaning concrete via pressurized water systems will extend its service life and enhance its beauty.

Lot Marking: a well-marked parking surface directs people safely around the parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas, such as for customers or boarding vehicles, inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid.

Epoxy Coatings: coatings that are chemical resistant and protect concrete from deterioration. These coatings also provide a very attractive finish available in a wide array of colors.


Parking Structures: we provide preventative maintenance and construction on parking structures.

ADA Compliance: installation of detectable warning pads, access ramps, signage and markings to ensure the safety and compliance of your property.

Trench Drain: installation of a trench drain or repairs to an existing system to manage stormwater flow.

Catch Basin Repair: complete evaluation and repair of deteriorated storm inlets or manholes from height adjustment to total reconstruction.

Overlay: cementitious or epoxy-based resurface over existing concrete to renew an existing floor.

Engineering Evaluation: we can provide full-service engineering, from evaluation of current structures for maintenance, repair, design changes or additions to a new project design-build.

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