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Parking bollards increase safety in restricted areas By design, bollards create highly visible barriers to direct traffic and pedestrians within a given space. Bollards can also be installed to provide strong physical barriers to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas. Use bollards to complement existing signage or other means of traffic control.

Parking Bollards in Dallas, Tx

Bollards are ideal for any parking lots and street-parking areas, where un-guarded walkways and building entrances can leave pedestrians vulnerable to accidents. Bollards can also help protect costly parking infrastructure—such as ticket machines, officer booths and mechanical security gates—or other site furnishing, green spaces, exposed utilities and loading areas that could benefit from more careful driving.
Choosing the right bollard
Bollards provide varying degrees of security and impact resistance depending on its material and mounting type. Embedded steel-pipe bollards offer the greatest amount of impact resistance, while other materials and surface-mounting products offer more aesthetics and visibility. Other bollards feature added functionality, such as removability, flexibility and lighting to accommodate additional site requirements. Parking bollards protect utilities in high-traffic areas

Stainless steel bollards create protective barrier around utility box Bollard's Dallas

Bolt-down safety
Bolt-down bollards offer the simplest means for creating visible traffic barriers and increasing parking lot safety. They provide low-impact protection from hand cards and other mechanical equipment and feature non-intrusive surface mounting for easy installation and relocation.
Steel-pipe security posts
Steel-pipe security bollards should be used in locations requiring high impact protection. They are made from structural-grade steel embedded deep into concrete and reinforced with concrete to withstand significant shocks. Steel-pipe bollards protect not only against vehicle accidents but also against ram-raid, or smash-and-grab, intrusions. Use security posts to protect building entrances and storefront windows, which can be prime locations for vehicle invasions.
Steel-pipe bollards come with a standard primer coating and should either be painted regularly or be housed within a protective cover to prevent corrosion.
Protective covers and sleeves
Bollard covers (also referred to as "protective sleeves") protect steel-pipe bollards from rust and minor damage. Covers also establish better visibility for drivers and pedestrians—and are available in a greater range of materials, colors and designs to suit any building or landscape. Many covers can also be used on their own as decorative bollards or as visible barriers.
Plastic covers offer the most basic and economical means for protecting steel-pipe bollards—while enhancing visibility in high-traffic areas. Many plastic covers come with reflective strips to heighten prominence.
Stainless steel covers offer a clean and bright finish that will complement any modern building design. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to corrosion, meaning bollards will always look their best for years to come.
Decorative covers offer the greatest range of premium aesthetics and design, suitable for any type of building or landscape. Decorative covers can also be used on their own as bollards to enhance existing architectural designs. Made from high-quality, powder-coated ductile iron, steel or aluminum, they provide exceptional strength and durability in most North American environments. Retractable bollards control access to secure areas

Retractable bollards control access to dealership parking lot Dallas Texas

Controlling access: Removable, retractable and fold-down bollards
Specialized bollards are ideal for controlling access to restricted areas or for customizing spaces for seasonal or day-to-day use. When in place, bollards provide clear, visible guidance to traffic and pedestrians. Lower or remove bollards to allow temporary vehicle access or to accommodate large events and pedestrian traffic. All removable, retractable and fold-down bollards can be secured with a single padlock or internal locking mechanism.
Removable bollards are available with a range of embedded mounting options. Bollards can be removed entirely from their receivers to prevent tripping or obstruction.
Fold-down bollards are ideal for quick vehicle access and require no additional storage when lowered.
Retractable bollards can be manually lowered into an embedded receiver, creating a clean surface without any additional storage.
Flexible bollards
Flexible bollards are ideal for locations where collisions are likely, or even unavoidable. They provide visible barriers and minimize damage to vehicles when struck. Flexible bollards will withstand multiple impacts, bending up to 90 degrees, without losing their form and always returning to their original upright position.
Solar lighting
Solar-lighting bollards ensure visibility for walkways near or surrounding traffic and parking areas—making for safer environments at night and in low-light conditions. Solar-lighting bollards can be surface mounted or embedded into new concrete. Lighting units are fully self-contained, meaning no additional trenching or conduits are required.

Decorative bollard provide ornamental protection & Quality bollards Buildings and landscapes should be designed not just for decoration and functionality, but also for long-term use with minimal maintenance. Quality bollards and other site furnishings should be made from top-quality materials to ensure minimal wear and corrosion—to keep bollards looking their best for years to come.

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