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Most homeowners don't immediately think of metal when considering a new siding installation. When surveying the options, however, you may learn that metal has many benefits that too often are overlooked. Other people have misconceptions about the look of metal siding. As a long-term, low-maintenance siding solution that won't cost a bundle, metal siding is as good as any other material.

Dallas, Texas Aluminium Siding
For years, aluminium siding in New York was one of the most popular forms of siding out there. As vinyl and cement siding began to equal aluminium for general protection, while offering superior looks, aluminium began to garner less and less of the market share. Though aluminium won't fade or deteriorate with the sun, heat, cold, or rain, it was susceptible to impacts from various sources leading to unseemly dents that could ruin your home's curb appeal.

The Latest Dallas, Texas Metal Siding: Steel
Now, you no longer need to choose between the hail-prone surface of aluminium and the rust of steel. Baked-on coatings make steel siding every bit as impervious to rain and moisture as aluminium. These coatings also improve the decorative finish and general look of steel. You won't feel your home is a cold metallic or institutional dwelling. Plus, the steel will retain its innate strength, making for one of the most impenetrable and longest-lasting siding materials on the market.

Whether you have aluminium or steel siding, one of the best aspects of metal siding is the nearly maintenance-free quality of metal. You won't need to clean or repaint metal siding to protect it from the elements or from time. Cement siding needs to be periodically repainted, wood siding must be resealed, and vinyl siding can fade and grow brittle with time. Metal siding experiences no such drawbacks.

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Metal Siding in Dallas Texas - NIS Construction in Dallas Texas - Commercial Metal Siding in Dallas

Cost of Metal Siding in Dallas, Texas
The relatively low cost of aluminum siding was a major source of its popularity. Steel siding, especially treated and seamless steel siding, won't be quite as cheap, but it's still far from the most expensive siding out there. In fact, given that newer forms of vinyl siding are more expensive, chances are metal siding estimates will be comparable to other options.

For a decent sized home, even basic siding materials are likely to cost $10,000 to install. Quality, treated siding materials such as cement siding, newer vinyl siding, or seamless steel siding may cost closer to $15,000, but is generally worth it in the long run. Instead of siding that will last 10 or 20 years, you can expect these higher-end siding materials to last 30, 40, even 50 years. In fact, steel siding may very well be accompanied by a 50-year warranty and last twice as long, making it the last siding you'll ever need to buy.

Dallas, Texas Metal Siding Installation
Naturally, metal siding isn't a DIY project. Most siding experiences problems from poor installation, and metal siding is no exception. Finding a reliable and professional contractor is an invaluable asset for your home. Installation is where steel siding really sets itself apart. The weak point of virtually any siding is the joints where the siding panels come together. Seamless steel siding eliminates this weakness. By customizing the steel to the exact dimensions of your home, your siding will truly be impenetrable to the insidious elements, such as moisture, pests, and age.

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