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NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors is nestled within Dallas, Texas. The company was started in a garage by Yaniv more than 21 years ago and has grown into a nationally known manufacturer of high quality entry door systems, energy-efficient windows, super polymer vinyl siding and artfully-crafted, manufactured stone. NIS Construction Inc has built a reputation in the building products industry for quality, old-world craftsmanship and personal care for customers, which extends to every part of our culture. The company has been through many changes to accommodate its growth, including expansions, acquisitions, and the implementation of state-of-the-art production equipment. The current headquarters, constructed in 1984, underwent major renovation and expansions in 2007.

Veneer Stone Siding in Dallas Texas - NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors.

Today, NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors remains privately owned by Yaniv and continues to invest in its facilities, employees, customers and research & development. The company continues to manufacture outstanding replacement door, window, veneer stone vinyl siding and manufactured stone products with a dedicated team of nearly 20 people.

NIS Construction Inc. & General leaders and employees are dedicated to serving customers and each other by caring for details in ways that others won't. As the company moves forward, its people are unified under this common purpose:

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At NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors, our vision is: To be the premier building products manufacturer, providing unmatched quality and service.

Our Mission: We are here to serve by caring for details in ways others won't.

At NIS Construction Inc. & General Contractors, our top priority is serving and caring about others. We try to show that not only through the outstanding products, service and quality our customers have come to expect, but by caring for the smallest detail of our customers' needs. In fact, we believe that so passionately our mission statement is, "To serve, by caring for details in ways others won't." Because 'to serve' is an active statement, it represents our relentless pursuit of looking for ways to put our mission into action.

Some of those ways include hand-crafting every detail and providing you with a custom-fit down to an 1/8" on pre-finished and ready-to-install doors and windows. We also offer a high level of customization available to suit your needs. Paired with quick, efficient delivery - we make it possible for you to have exactly what you want, when you want it.

Veneer Stone Siding in Dallas Texas - Commercial Stone Siding in Dallas Texas - Veneer

NIS Construction Inc. doors, windows, veneer brick siding and manufactured stone meet or exceed respective industry standards for energy efficiency, beauty, durability and quality. Our super polymer siding leads the industry in quality and durability and our manufactured stone provides a rich, natural look by non-repeating patterns for up to 1,000 stones. All NIS Construciton Inc products are hand-inspected before they are installed and, unlike cookie-cutter products, are hand-crafted to be uniquely yours. We are NIS Construciton Inc..and we care about you.

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