How do roofers not fall?

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When you're not using your power tools, secure them with short lengths of rope or Bungee cords. Keep hand tools and supplies in a 5-gallon bucket hung on a roof bracket. Carefully position ropes and extension cords so they're not underfoot; they're very slippery. Stay off slate and tile roofs.

Is roofing one of the hardest jobs?

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Roofing topped the list as the most physically demanding job, with 13% of contractors ranking it above all others. ... A total of 20% of respondents said roofing is the toughest job and demolition (15%) is the second toughest.Jan 9, 2020

What time of year is best to replace a roof?

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Late spring to early summer is often marked as one of the best times of year to replace a roof since, in most climates, the rain has stopped and the extreme heat and humidity of late summer haven't set in yet.